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Aloe Vera Gel Trio


We took our Pure Aloe vera spray, Aloe vera hair pudding, and coupled them together with our NEW Aloe vera Clarifying Co-wash. This is a ALL hair type friendly combination. For some hair types it’ll be just a healthy hair dressing but for others it’ll give you the kinkiest, coiliest, curliest curls you ever seen in your life.  Nothing has to be refrigerated, just keep these natural products in a cool dark place.


Ingredients throughout this TRIO:

  • Aloe vera Gel,
  • Aloe vera juice,
  • Carbopol,
  • Alkaline water,
  • Castile soap,
  • Peppermint esssential oil,
  • Plant-based vitamin e,
  • Irish moss,
  • Vegtable glycerin,
  • love, intelligence, and creativity.
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