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Hair is anywhere between 65% & 95% protein and any time you add or remove color from your hair you’re stripping it of its natural self, PROTEIN. The Matcha green tea leave-in conditioner is loaded with protein for restoration and when you use all 3 products in uniform, everything works how they are suppose to work.


Step #1 shake the Matcha green tea co-wash well before each use. Apply with hot water, scrub, and let the co-wash sit in your hair before rinsing for at least 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

Step #2 DO NOT FULLY DRY! While its still damp apply the Matcha green tea leave-in conditioner directly to your scalp and all throughout your hair strands once per week or as needed in between washes.

Step #3 the Matcha green tea hair and body butter is for daily or every other day use or as needed. Dampen your hair before daily application so you can lock the moisture within your hair strand. The best part about the butter is that it can also be used all over your body as-well. One key thing to remember about DaddyButter products is that they all are really rich in ingredients so “A little goes a long way”

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The Matcha green tea TRIO is a 3 part combination of a 100% natural plant-based unique co-wash, leave-in conditioner, and one of our flagship hair & body butters. This bundle of nature was formulated to combat dryness of the scalp, shedding hair, damaged hair, dandruff, split ends, hair strand dryness and breakage. Specifically for anyone with colored hair or highlights this is the bundle for you because it’s loaded with protein-rich silk amino acid.


(1) 8oz Matcha Green Tea Co-Wash

(1) 4oz Match Green Tea Leave-In Conditioner

(1) 6oz Matcha Green Tea Hair and Body Butter


(1) 16oz Matcha Green Tea Co-Wash

(1) 8oz Match Green Tea Leave-In Conditioner

(1) 16oz Matcha Green Tea Hair and Body Butter

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