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Our Story


The concept behind DaddyButter originated on December 2, 2013, the day my daughter Lilah was born. When I gazed into her beautiful brown eyes, it was at that moment I realized I was the creator of another Queen.  During this new chapter of fatherhood, I began to notice the beauty within both my daughters, Lilah and Kalah. Simultaneously, I also began to notice an immense sense of insecurity occurring within black culture. This insecurity presents itself in the form of pressure to prescribe to Western beauty standards, in particular -hair. The pressure to define oneself as “beautiful” resulted in the application of artificial hair and toxic hair straightening chemicals. This was not the legacy a father wants to leave for his daughters, hence the birth of DaddyButter.

DaddyButter is a butter-based brand of hair and skin products. Each natural product is made with a different plant-based butter. The line was designed to redefine the beauty standard for black culture with a natural twist. In its creation, I wanted to ensure that the cosmetic products I used on my daughters’ hair were healthy. The only way I could ascertain if the products I put into their hair were healthy was to make them myself.  I love the pureness and essential vitamins of Shea butter, and knew the natural benefits of other butters (such as coconut), so I decided to blend them with essential oils. I experimented with the amalgamation of butters and essential oils for about 3 years to ensure product development. The result is a line of skin and hair products that capture the essence of natural beauty.

The saying “beauty is only skin deep” is quite true. But what happens when the beauty you are applying to your skin is not beautiful at all? DaddyButter believes in beauty. I designed the line for my daughters, and there is love & care in each product. And if it’s good enough for my legacy, it’s good enough for yours. So when you think beauty, think DaddyButter.

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