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Hyperpigmentation duo girl
"Forget the leading ethnic hair care products currently on the market. If you start making shampoo and conditioners, I’ll be a faithful consumer."
Synthia Payne
"All of the butters smell amazing. I am seriously considering getting rid of my lotion and strictly using DaddyButter. Thank you for creating this wonderful product, and for excellent customer service!"
Franchon Jackson
"My daughter has been using the Hyperpigmentation Duo for 4 months and her face has cleared up intensely, and she is now HAPPY!"
Mary Bell-Morales
Happy Mom
"One of my favorite butters thus far.. the smoothness and smell are a must try!"
Dollie Thompson
"The Red Palm Butter was amazing. I used it as an in-shower moisturizer, and it worked magic on my skin. Soft, supple, and ready for bare leg season! You have a fan!"
Franchon Jackson