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Aloe Vera Gel Trio


Blackseed Butter

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Black Seed Trio


Step #1: Shake the Black Cumin Seed Co-wash well before each use. Apply with hot water, scrub, and let the Co-wash sit in your hair before rinsing for at least 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

-Step #2: DO NOT FULLY DRY! While its still a little damp apply the Black Cumin Seed Liquid leave-in conditioner directly to your scalp and all throughout your hair strands once per week or as needed in between washes. You want to coat your hair thoroughly because it was designed to find the weak spot within your hair strand, fill it in & in return your hair will become less likely to break.

-Step #3: The Black Cumin Seed butter is for daily or every other day use or as needed. Dampen your hair before daily application with our Pure Aloe Vera Spray so you can lock the moisture within your hair strands. The best part about this butter is that it can also be used on the heels of feet or for chapped lips. One key thing to remember about Daddybutter products is that they are really rich in ingredients so “A little goes a long way”

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Thanks to the very high concentration of thymoquinone which is a powerful antihistamine, Black Cumin seed oil or Nigella Sativa naturally has the ability to restore hair growth. In combination with Unrefined Kokum Butter, castor oil, Sunflower wax, Vegetable Glycerin, Aloe Vera etc… we’ve created a Trio full of potent properties and beneficial elements. While the butter has the ability the slick and hold the hair in place, the Leave-in conditioner is the 1st of its kind when it comes to our brand meaning it’s our 1st liquid leave-in conditioner in comparison to the rest that comes in a jar and the Blackseed CoWash is as moisturizing as the Jamaican Black Castor Co-wash.

To explain this in a nutshell it’s a friendlier version of the Jamaican Black Castor Trio meaning it’s not as aggressive but still aggressive enough. This is specifically designed for ALL WITH GREY WIRERY HAIR & hair types between 3A and 4A. It will NOT turn your grey hair any color and @ the same time will keep it moisturized. 3A – 4A its aggressive enough to control your hair but will NOT weigh your hair down. Thank us later!

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