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Jamaican Black Castor Trio


(2 customer reviews)
Moisturizes, increases manageability, restores edges, and will definitely grow your hair, especially beneficial to 4c textures.




The Jamaican black castor TRIO is a 3 part combination of Co-wash, Natural DEEP leave-in conditioner, and a hair butter. If you have 4cish type of hair on the the thicker/kinkier side then you may want to give this combination a try because it is exactly what you have been looking for. These products used together will help you retain moisture, soften your hair strands, detangle the hair, stop the frizz, reduce the shedding, and promote healthy hair growth. Twistouts, perfect ponytails, defining your curls without frizziness, or any type of hair style with thicker hair “Black woman or child this is the TRIO for you”

Step by step suggested use:

-Step #1: Shake the Jamaican black castor Co-wash well before each use. Apply with hot water, scrub, and let the Co-wash sit in your hair before rinsing for at least 20 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

-Step #2: DO NOT FULLY DRY! While its still a little damp apply the Jamaican black castor leave-in conditioner directly to your scalp and all throughout your hair strands once per week or as needed in between washes.

-Step #3: The Jamaican black castor hair butter is for daily or every other day use or as needed. Dampen your hair before daily application so you can lock the moisture within your hair strands. The best part about this butter is that it can also be used on the heels of feet or for chapped lips. One key thing to remember about Daddybutter products is that they are really rich in ingredients so “A little goes a long way”

Jamaican Black Castor oil(Base)
Kokum butter
Aloe vera gel(Organic)
Vegtable glycerin
Garlic oil
Onion oil


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Our Best-Selling Jamaican Black Castor Trio is now available in two sizes!


Each Trio Includes:


(1)-18oz of Jamaican black castor Co-wash
(1)-8oz of Jamaican black castor leave-in deep conditioner
(1)-5oz of Jamaican black castor butter


(1)-18oz of Jamaican black castor Co-wash
(1)-16oz of Jamaican black castor leave-in deep conditioner
(1)-16oz of Jamaican black castor butter



Additional information

Weight 180 oz
Dimensions N/A


2 reviews for Jamaican Black Castor Trio

  1. BRANDI HOLMES (verified owner)

    Jamaican Black Castor Trio has been nothing short of amazing for my locs. First of all when I use this product it gives me a sense of calm and pride because I KNOW the products being used to create these hair care products are devoid of harmful skin irritating synthetics and carefully created especially for me by someone who looks like me. Secondly as the product description says, “A little goes a long way”. My hair doesn’t require much of the product but it still deeply conditions and moisturizes my locs. Lastly the castor oil hair butter doubles as an edge tamer for me! Yes the quality is that rich and velvety, PERFECT for 4B-ish/4C-ish hair during the colder months. Also as a finisher after I apply the deep conditioning leave in and the butter I sit under my hooded dryer for about 15 minutes to allow the products to penetrate even deeper.
    Honestly I can’t say enough about this product. Daddy Butter Jamaican Black Castor Trio restores the moisture to my new growth and leaves my hair fully moisturized and conditioned without any greasiness. It does what it’s supposed to! Thanks DADDY BUTTER!

  2. Laydez4 (verified owner)

    Since using the Jamaican Black Castor Trio and the Aloe Vera Spray, my hair is growing great! No other products have ever grown my hair. I had nice healthy hair as a child, my hair has been restored. Thank you, Lord, for blessing the works of Mr. Khalil Jackson’s hands.

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