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Full Inner Body Detox


This is a powerhouse amalgamation of herbs to rid your body of Parasites, worms, mucus, heavy metal and toxins.

-Ingredients: Jamaican Duck Flower, Licorice Herb, Horsetail Herb, Asian Wormwood, Cardamom Seeds and Zeolite Clay.

-How To Use:

Step 1: Bring about 30oz’s of Alkaline water to a boil.

Step 2: Open the mason jar and place the Duck Flower into a separate cup, fill that cup with 8oz of the boiling water and add a lemon or lime.

Step 3: 1st add either honey, maple syrup or sweetener of choice and a lemon or lime, then fill the mason jar to capacity which is approximately 16oz of boiling water and immediately after screw the lid on tight! Then wait for 1 hour.

Step 4: Now its time to Detox! 1st drink the Duck Flower solution, follow by eating the Duck Flower Whole, then you open the mason jar immediately to drink your Herbal Detox Tea.

Step #5: Sit, wait and pray. We can assure you its NOT going to be a comfortable process. Enjoy!

-In preparation for this detox your diet should include salads, low glycemic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, superfoods, herbs, spices, seaweeds, juices, smoothies, fermented foods, good fats, oily organic fish, and organic quinoa. It is important to limit alcohol, focus on sleep, drink more water, reduce sugar and processed foods, eat antioxidant-rich foods, eat foods high in prebiotics, and decrease salt intake.

-During the detox, drink plenty of fluids with electrolytes, especially coconut water.

-After the detox, gradually reintroduce simple plant-based foods like raw fruits and veggies.

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Why Horsetail? It’s a Diuretic and offers detoxifying properties that promotes cell regeneration, enhancing the health of skin, hair, and nails.

Why Licorice? It helps your body naturally flush out broken-down toxins more quickly by acting as a laxative and aiding flow through the liver. It can be used to increase the effectiveness of the other herbs.
Why Asian Wormwood? Asian Wormwood Herb is a natural remedy for digestive issues, low energy, or cleanse that can kill parasites in the body. Those with Breast Cancer should do some research on this specific herb.
Why Cardamom Seed? Cardamom is a great detoxifying agent due to its diuretic properties, removing waste from salt, excess water, and waste from the bladder, urinary tract, and kidneys.
Why Duck Flower? The Duck Flower is a potent body cleanse that targets the digestive and reproductive systems for up to 8 hours, potentially causing side effects like nausea and increased bowel movements. Users have reported feeling renewed and energetic after using this cleanse due to the removal of excess mucus and impurities and Duck Flower is responsible largely with this part of the process. Unlike other detoxes that focus solely on digestion and weight loss, Duck Flower offers a comprehensive cleansing process.
Why Zeolite Clay? Its a TOXIN binder which is very beneficial due to its extraordinary chemical and physical features such as high surface charge, cati0n-exchange and adsorption capacity.
• This Detox offers significant improvements to the body’s digestive system by removing parasites and impacted waste from the intestines.
• It also acts as a body cleanse, removing excess mucus and improving mental clarity, energy, and vitality.
• Users have reported more restful sleep and better sleep patterns after taking this cleanse.
• Additionally, it aids in weight loss by increasing bowel movements, reducing cravings, and bloating.
• Women may experience improvements in their reproductive system, including reduced menstrual cramps and irregular periods.

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