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-Internal: Our Parasite Detox Gel is 1 of a kind product that will remove parasites directly by destroying the cell membranes of bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses making them unable to replicate in the body. The most beautiful/beneficial part is that it’s also an oral supplement for gut health. Taken by mouth for bacterial, Viral, and Fungal infections including yeast infections. It can also be used for the common cold, flu(Influenza) and swine flu.  This amalgamation of Extracts kills bacterial strains within 15 minutes after initial contact or consumption even if the solution has been diluted.

-Topically: This is a vitamin powerhouse for your skin with the ability to kill Candida.

-Brush only the teeth, NOT THE GUMS and wait 1 hour for the release of the Entamoeba Gingivalis(Parasite) or  Mouth Larvae(Parasite) These are 2 different parasites that find a home within your gum line or oral cavities. Entamoeba Gingivalis typically is only present with those of bad oral hygiene such as gingivitis etc… Mouth Larvae almost 100% of the time find their way in your oral cavity through direct ingestion of infected materials like MEAT! That means your Beef, Chicken, Lamb, Fish etc…  you get the point. They feed off of dead and living soft tissue parts of the oral cavity, will continue to replicate and can move on to your gastrointestinal tract. Once they enter your gut they can cause you abdominal pain, vomiting, and diarrhea.

When taken orally the typical recommendation for this liquid concentrate is 10 to 6 drops in 6 to 7 ounces of water 1  time daily.

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Weight 1.5 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

1oz Parasite Detox Gel(Oral), 4oz Parasite Detox Gel(Oral), Parasite Detox Paste(Tooth Paste), Oral Detox Trio (Small), Parasite Oral Cleanse(Mouth Rinse), Oral Detox Trio (Large)

1 review for Parasite Detox Products

  1. dsmitch321 (verified owner)

    So, I bought this trio to raise the level of my oral care. When I tell you that these products work (that is sort of an understatement), So I tried the Oral Detox gel (first) brushed my teeth as directed and within about 15 to 20 minutes, I was sticking my finger in my mouth pulling out these with parasites, I was amazed and sort of grossed out at the same time, but my mouth felt the cleanest it has in a very long time. The next day I used the Toothpaste (Oral detox Liquid) and again was amazed by how white my teeth got, how clean my mouth felt, and how fresher my breath was (it was definitely the best feeling that I have experienced with a trio of products). My wife and I both used the oral detox trio every day for the past 7 days and are shocked by the cleanliness and freshness that these products deliver vs the standard oral care products that are on the market. All I can say is get you some and you can experience the difference of these products vs the ones that you normally used.

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