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Conscious Rha’s Breakdown on Black Seed Oil is below. His journey and information is here to help you develop a relationship with this oil and have a better understanding of it and its effects that it may have internally or externally.
1. Nearly 5 years ago I was disappointed with the recommendation I was given by my doctor suggesting that I use pharmaceutical medications for diabetes and high cholesterol, which led me to seek an organic diet..
2. By speculation and sheer curiosity by way of conversation with my sister Theresa, explaining to me how important natural foods are compared to non-processed foods and how organic foods positively affect you compared to processed foods that kill you slowly.
3. Sensei Larry Rogers.. whos conversation was pivotal in my switch to live an organic lifestyle, … He talked about how beneficial particular herbs, oils and minerals are ….now for some strange reason when he mentioned black *seed oil* that really intrigued me which led me to research it more and real talk i found it to be the most amazing safest multi beneficial supplement to hue-mans kind …lol I’m no dr. But this is my experience of using B.S.O. for nearly 5 yrs.. YOU WANT THIS NOW  B.S.O.
4. French fries, steak & cheese, candy, cake,  red meat, processed foods, soda & alcohol is junk, junk, junk you are what you eat .. medical fact, your life is without a doubt destined to be plagued with heart disease and other health complications, if this isn’t already your reality, so with that said look to a 75% plant or plant-based diet for an honest healthy lifestyle and jumpstart your health by taking black seed oil AKA nigella sativa
5. Nigella Sativa as known to the world as black cumin seed this amazing seed is one of the most beneficial dietary supplements known to man with over 200 benefits discovered & counting.. here are just a few benefits
6. Super antioxidant
7. Super anti-inflammatory agent
8. May store nerve damage such as neuropathy
9. May improve your vision just simply rub a thin film on your eyelids before bedtime
10. May reduce your cholesterol levels
11. Excellent for arthritis
12. Tends to regulate blood sugar levels
13. Slows aging process by reducing antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and reduces clogged pores keeping your skin tight.
14. Promote hair growth.
15. Promotes healthy vibrant skin.
16. Boost blood circulation
17. Curb your appetite and so much more
18. Black seed has a recorded history as a diversely beneficial herb for over 3,000 years found in the tombs of King Tutankhamun . . You know king tut ..but people have used black seed to cure numerous ailments and to maintain and improve general health….. in ancient kemet some of its or uses were for stomach ailments and pain Management. Black seed is the perfect dietary supplement that can be used topically and orally.. after using it myself I knew this was my miracle elixir for life.
19. The overall difference in quality of the seeds mainly depends on what region of the world the seeds were grown in, studies show Ethiopian black seeds are #1 then comes Turkish black seeds for #2 then come Asian black seeds for #3 and last but not least for #4 is Egyptian black seeds… Generally it mainly depends on the region but the grower can make all the difference.
20. Question: Why use black seed oil ?from my experience.. it helped me maintain healthy weight & reverse hereditary nerve damage such as neuropathy … You know that prickly tangling sensation in your feet and as I mentioned before it promotes libido helping you get or keep your mojo and transformed my skin from ashy to vibrant
21. Simply put get your premium black seed oil from daddy butter today. 

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