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Herbal Body Wash

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Swimmers Gel


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Yeah we know what your thinking, its sticky??? Welp its not, its the perfect blend of Pure Aloe Vera directly from leaf and Vegetable Glycerin. This product was developed to moisturize and protect your hair from Chlorine while swimming. This product contains two hormones: Auxin and Gibberellins. These two hormones assist wound healing and Anti-inflammatory properties that reduce scalp inflammation.

Swimmers and Sun bathers this one is really for you. You could be finding that after every swim, your scalp or your child’s scalp itches a lot and may even become flaky. Applying our Moisturizing gel and massaging into the scalp will quickly calm it down and create the 1st layer of protection against swimming pool water/chlorine. As the sun will dry your skin, we recommend to hydrate before and after sun exposure. This product works beautifully to stimulate skin repair after sun burn. Thank us later…


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