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Moisturizing Protein Treatment


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Our Herbal protein treatment contains alanine, glycine and serine, which are sighted as the protein stimulants in our skin and hair. This product protects the hair from moisture loss and conditions it to provide a silky smoothness. We’ve added a familiar Herb to strengthen the hair follicles; especially ones that have been damaged due to chemical damage. Hair is anywhere between 65% & 95% protein and any time you add or remove color from your hair you’re stripping it of its natural self, PROTEIN. You have to put protein back into your hair because if you don’t it may become weak, brittle, shed excessively and no matter what product you put into your hair it will remain dry. Why does your hair drink up everything you put into it might you ask? Its looking for what you took from it, PROTEIN. During this process it absorbs the product in its entirety. You may not have any chemicals in your hair @ all and still experience this issue and if so then you have a lack of protein in your diet. One of the 1st signs that you aren’t receiving enough protein on a daily basis is “Hair Loss”

This product will restore the protein for those who are deficient, restore & repair already damaged chemically treated hair and can/should be used directly after hair is colored, permed or highlighted.

-How to use: The beauty of this Herbal Protein treatment is that you do not have to use a specific product to get the benefits. You can use it singular or put it in your favorite conditioner of choice, add this treatment to it and mix it together for application. Apply to your hair, massage into your scalp and sit under a dryer for a few for those who use heat. For those who do not use heat you can follow the same steps except the heat obviously and just let it sit in longer before rinsing.

-Ingredients: Silk Amino Acid, Organic Cumin Seed Powder, Pure Aloe Vera Directly from leaf and Grapefruit Seed Extract.

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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

8, 16

2 reviews for Moisturizing Protein Treatment

  1. YBERRYH (verified owner)

    This protein is the bomb and I’m glad I purchased this because I did not know what my hair needed until consulting with Khalil and his recommendation and I started using this two months ago and I’m glad I did. My hair is stronger doesn’t dry out. I recommend this if you’re protein deficient and if you’re not sure reach out to Khalil for advice.

  2. Deborah Peterson (verified owner)

    I’m coming back for more. This makes my hair so soft and manageable. Love it.

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