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DHT Blocker (Natural)


Explanation for how this product helps in balancing your hormones: Estrogens, whether naturally produced or as part of your hormone imbalance treatment, are metabolized by a enzyme in your liver. By inhibiting these enzymes, our DHT Blocker reduces how much estrogen you can metabolize. This leads to more of the hormone going into your blood.

Did you know to much dairy in your diet could result in thinning hair or balding? Cow’s Milk is brimming with female hormones, and so consuming could further increase estrogen levels. This leads to increased production of DHT. What is DHT might you ask? (Di-Hydro-Testosterone) High levels of Androgens, including DHT, can shrink your hair follicles as well as shorten this cycle, causing hair to grow out looking thinner and more brittle, as well as fall out faster. High DHT levels can also make it take longer for your follicles to grow out new hairs once old hair fall out. All of this can be prevented 2 different ways #1: by not consuming dairy or dairy products @ all and #2: “This product” our DHT Blocker! Our recommendation is for you to do both to achieve maximum results.

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This product is a vitamin powerhouse for your skin and hair with the ability to kill Candida. Massage this oil into your scalp weekly or every other day(If needed) to boost blood circulation, thus leading to hair growth. Due to Vitamin E and high amounts of proteins, this oil can nourish the scalp and make your hair grow faster. It is one of the few natural DHT Blockers that contains vitamin E which stop hair loss and improve hair growth. It is standardized to contain 95% of Pro anthocyanidins which prevents the changing of testosterone into DHT.

-Topically: The typical recommendation is for you to grease your scalp or under chin area once per week.

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