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Alpha Beard Conditioner


Lilah Wild Hair Growth Butter

Lila Wild Hair Growth Butter

Lilah Wild Hair Growth Trio


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This Trio to date has had the most success when it comes to any kind of hair loss especially ALL forms of Alopecia. Just check the reviews within our gallery. Its safe for and has produced hair growth results for everyone from infants to elderly.

-How to Use:

-Starting with the Chebe’ Wash you must dampen your hair 1st, then just use 3 to six caps to wash your entire head. Its a clarifying wash so its going to strip all dirt etc… from your scalp leaving it completely clean and clear from grim, dandruff and residue. Wash with hot to open up your pores for Chebe’ to penetrate the scalp, rinse with cold water to help close your cuticle after washing and what this does is closes the pores, making it less vulnerable to oil and dirt.

-On a daily basis you want to use the conditioner to detangle if needed but if no detangling is needed then just spray prior to application of the Lilah Butter. If you have any color, perm or highlights then you need to find a way to put protein back into your hair and this will do it. Not only will it add protein but it’ll add vegan collagen which will play a major role in repairing or keeping the dermis healthy. What is the dermis might you ask? The portion of the scalp that contains structures such as hair follicles, sweat glands, and dermal papilae.

-The Lilah WILD Hair Growth Butter is most effective butter to date when it comes to hair loss and the many reviews we have back up our claim. The million dollar question is how to use it and what’s the most effective way to use it? The most effective way to use this butter is to seal the ends of the hair strands so they wont split down to the root and to massage into the scalp, especially the area of concern daily, every other day or as needed. Stay consistent and the results will follow just like everyone else.

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This TRIO is a little different from the rest considering the ingredients and its ability. We dumped everything amazing that we have been using and have not been using but eager to start using and bundled them all together into 3 amazing products for hair growth. Everything from Chebe powder, Flaxseed gel, Jamaican Irish Sea Moss, Aloe Macadamia Seed oil, REAL Jamaican black castor oil, Silk amino acid and more. To know more specifics about these products search and read about all three on this website individually. The 3 products that make up this TRIO are the Lilah Wild Hair Growth Butter, Lilah Sea Moss Hair Conditioning Spray and Lilah Wild Hair Growth Wash(Chebe).

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1 review for Lilah Wild Hair Growth Trio

  1. xauceamani (verified owner)

    The Trio | Review, September 10th, 2023

    The Wash –
      So lovely! Used it today again. Outside letting my hair dry in the sun. The breezy weather and the peppermint is so soothing.

    The Conditioning Spray –
      The mist is beautiful and it smells yum. Nice fresh earthy scent. Bohemian Black Woman. Is what I think off… Her presence is loving and warm.
      Downside is, the spray cap SUCKS.
    Jams and got stuck. Now, it longer works. I think if they had a smaller size version of a nozzle. Like the larger sizes have, it’d be better. I started to pour in my hands but decided to buy a small bottle with the nozzle, that you push the handle inward. To have that mist again. I love the earthy scent. Personally, find it very refreshing. And enlightens my mood.

    The Hair Butter –
      Lovely, a little goes FAR!!  I haven’t even made a dent. From the sides, it looks like a fully filled glass container of product. That’s how far a small amount goes. Dont need a lot. But it does a lot for you.

    There’s a scent. Specific scent that…. That some may not like at all. Suggest apply it at night! Unless you like the scent then use during the day.
    As well as. Using the wash and then applying the butter. The peppermint helps wrap the hair butter smell. So that isn’t so prominent.
       My sisters didn’t like the smell much. I don’t mind it but it isn’t my favorite. The product is amazing. Hair is moisturized and loved with the butter!

    Doing my sisters hair, was amazing. Our 4C hair is soft as it is. But of course dries out  and can be hard finding products that compliment our coils. As well as continue to nourish the hair. This trio line worked so well.  The coils are enriched with quality products and made the process of preparing and braiding hair very smooth!!

    All reviews, not just of mine but others. Is based on personal experience. Whenever possible get a sample or the smallest size. When testing products, is what I’d recommend. What my not work for me, may work Tremendously well for you. Vice versa. Happy shopping! ❣

    – XA

    P. S
    I’m not a fan of star ratings. Since, it’s a requirement, I’ll just put for the sake of that As I prefer what the persons says to better judge. If the product is for me or not. If I should try it or not. Based on their experiences enjoyment, dissatisfaction or things to be cautious off.
    So, I’m just going to say five stars for everything. That way it’s likely seen. READ IT FIRST !!

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