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MangoHoney Everything Bundle

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About the Goop:

Finally everything you would want in a product that can be used to Re-twist your Loc’s, produce a curl on natural hair and for many it will be used as a natural edge control. It’s a sticky consistency yet friendly enough for application. This product was produced to not have residue, nor crunchy hair feel, it’s to be lightweight and safe enough for everyone. We’ve successfully formulated this product without compromising the integrity of the ingredients.  There are no Alcohols, Carcinogens or Cancer causing agents and it’s both oil and water based just right enough to produce the perfect Goop. Our Loc or Curl Goop is rich, high quality, relatively stable to oxidation and non-drying. It has very long-chain mono-unsaturated fatty acids known for their anti-aging effects, cell regeneration, nourishing and moisturizing properties. Through trial and error for whatever reason it works best in combination with our Pure Aloe Vera Pudding.

-Q: How does it work best with our Pure Aloe Vera Pudding might you ask?

-A: We’ve found that if you apply this Goop it will hold your Loc, Curl or Edges in place but, if for whatever reason following up with our Pure Aloe Vera Pudding it creates that sleek look and holds everything in place in a more ideal way.

-You will receive 16oz bottle of Wash & Go and 16oz jar of Goop!

-About the Wash & Go:

For all of you that are already in love with our hair goop, the oil that makes the goop a goop is also what enables you to go after you wash with this wash & go. The stickiness of our Flaxseed oil in combination with organic Castile Soap and Pure Aloe Vera Pudding makes for the perfect marriage. Very sticky like washing experience, with no residue, very rich and definitely one of a kind. None of our Co-washes are anything like this @ all so it’s definitely in a class of its own. Luxe product with a Luxe experience. Sooooo many Flaxseeds are needed for just 1 bottle but it’s all worth the process and final product. It will bring out your natural curl pattern and each with be very defined.

-Hair: The Vitamin E in Flaxseed oil helps to treat hair loss and stimulate new hair growth. Lignans act as strong antioxidants which can help in the regrowth of healthier and stronger hair. Washing with this product prevents flaking and nourishes the scalp from within, providing relief from dandruff. This wash has a VERY sticky like substance that will enhance your natural curls and will definitely keep all hair types moisturized. 2 Videos of how hair responds to these 2 products are below, watch the transformation.


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Two amazing products designed for extreme moisture to define or enhance your natural curls and it’s really good to use while interlocking. What is interlocking might you ask? Interlocking is pulling the ends of a section of hair (or a dreadlock) through the root of that same section. This method creates a “Lock” of sorts and holds the hair in that position while a dreadlock forms. Pending on the “Hair type” pre-locking it will or will not work well for palm rolling. As far as for curls it’s amazing especially for certain hair types. Every hair type from 2b to 4a will have very defined curls and 4b to 4d aswell but has to work a little harder to do so. From 4b to 4d we would recommend to two strand twist with the goop and let it sit for a while before unraveling but once you do its going to be very soft and defined.

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Weight 30 oz
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 8 cm

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