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Mariah Skin Conditioning Oil


Natural Oil Starter Pack 2

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Mariah Anti-Inflammatory Skin Conditioning Trio


This Mariah Skin Conditioning TRIO stands alone when it comes to the rest of our Trios. Each of these products were originally developed for  DaddyButter baby, Mariah because of her skin condition when she was 5 months old. She had severe Eczema on her legs, arms, face and her skin was itching and bleeding from her scratching so much. It was a lot of trial and error forming the products to assist her considering she was an infant @ the time. Not only did we use these 3 products but we also changed her diet because healthy hair and skin is internal and external. We removed all tomato and dairy that we were feeding her directly and everything with dairy and tomato in it as an ingredient along with using these 3 products and it completely rid her of all of her inflamed skin til this day. Its more to the story but one day we will do a documentary and you’ll be able to see it all. We are sharing what we did with her diet because it may help some of you as well as it has helped us along our journey.

-Step 1: The Mariah Soap comes in a jar, is darker of the two in the jars and is to be used topically on the skin only after dampening the area first. Use your hands and more water as needed to increase the lather and this soap can double as a scalp wash if your scalp happens to be inflamed.

-Step 2: After washing the area the most effective way to apply our Mariah Butter is to once again dampen the area before application and then massage it in. The Mariah Butter was developed  to target and assist any inflamed area but is not a moisturizer so after application to ensure and lock in moisture you may want to apply the Mariah Skin Conditioning Oil.

-Step 3: The Mariah Skin Conditioning Oil was developed originally because my daughter, Mariah would itch because her skin was so dry during the night. This will keep you or your child’s skin moisturized at night or during the winter months when inflamed skin tends to act up the most.

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