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Stretch Mark Butter


Whipped Butter Vs. Liquid Butter! Our Whipped Butters have been a staple within our brand since day one when established in 2017 and we always shied away from any kind of lotion type product because quite frankly your average lotion is “Cheap” and filled with water, alcohols, carcinogens, cancer causing agents and housed in plastic so we wanted to stay far away from being associated with anything like such. Fast forward to 2023 we finally have released what Lotion wish it could be “Liquid Butter” for 2 reasons #1: Whipped butters are more likely to melt during transport in comparison to Liquid butters which final state is liquid and #2: Its time for a more Luxe, Paraben-free, Fragrance-free, Perfume-free, Plastic-free option to be available. Natural Plant ingredients, essential oils, love, care and creativity is inside of every bottle. Thank us later!

How to use: Like any other butter for your skin you are to massage this into the area of concern after washing the area with our Stretch Mark Soap. Twice per day(Morning and Night) you are to follow these steps to achieve dissolving unwanted stretch marks. Middle of the day is fine to just massage the butter into the area of concern.

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What is Stretch Mark Butter? Isn’t it self-explanatory? Or is it? Its a Natural stretch Mark dissolver that makes the appearance of red, white and purplish marks disappear. Whether your beautiful tiger stripes are from pregnancy, weight gain or an unexpected growth spurt, stretch marks are unwelcome, unsightly and often thought to have no solution until NOW!

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6, 8, 16

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Whipped, Liquid


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