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Sheango Honey Soap


(2 customer reviews)
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1st time on the website and they are limited. If a demand we will consider to rerelease.

Additional information

Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm

2 reviews for Sheango Honey Soap

  1. Iamlove14 (verified owner)

    I tried this soap for the first time last night. I could not believe how clean and beautifully clear my face looked afterwards. I have hyperpigmentation on my cheeks and one wash added a brightness to my face. I am sold! I will order more.

  2. xauceamani (verified owner)

    The Sheango | Review, October – 2023


    First soap, I’ve tried from this brand.
    When I tell you that this a favorite!!
    Sweet pea, this is a faaaavorite.

    By the site seems it’ll be discounted. As it stated as a limited edition. Which I don’t know who agreed to do that!! 😭 Heartbreak for real.

    • The scent
    • The lather
    • The feeling once out the shower.

    I will be stocking up soon. This is amazing for summer and I intend for next summer to use it. As I want to smell like a mango next summer. The mango is REFRESHING!! Like a fresh and juicy mango. The moisturization is incredible. I can take my time outside the shower. Even with a semi hot shower. I still feel moisturize in my skin. Before even applying my shea butter.
    This paired with Nokware Moringa Oil and Ginger Shea butter is a lovely combination. Skin glowing, hyper pigmentation is clearing up nicely due to the layering of the products. BUT another applause from… The Sheango soap. How it cleared my skin!! Dark marks clearing up beautifully.
       I do want to try a Shea butter from DaddyButter, soon soon!!

    The Membership –
      I did the 15$ Membership.  Which been dropped to 5$ it appears.  I removed it. As I plan on Upgrading to 25$ which at the bonus as they’ve done an update. Because NOW, there’s priority shipping. When I tell it took a month and some business days to get to me. It was a WAIT!!
      I don’t mind waiting but I find it worth the investment to do a membership and the wait period be shortened.

    Tip is pre cut your pieces! 
    The soap is very soft. It’s like play dough.
    Freeze it a little. To make the cuts easier. As a little goes a long way. I’ll use one small square/piece. Like two quarter sizes. I Eyeball it truly. 
      Makes it easier. That way what’s hasn’t been used isn’t yet touched. I keep a piece of the paper it’s wrapped in to store in a cool dark area.

    Keep in mind your body  proportions to determine how to split up your soap. But with how it lathers, a little ( using little loosely) goes a long way.

    Also – If you use on your face.
    Take a pinch! As again, the lather bubbles to triple the size. Not exaggerating. In comparison to your face dimension. Foams nicely and I semi enjoy it on my face. Feels a bit drying at times. Not my favorite for my face.

      ~ ❣~

    All reviews, not just of mine but others. Is based on personal experience. Whenever possible get sample or smallest size. When testing products. Is what I’d recommend. What my not work for me, may work Tremendously well for you. Vice versa. Happy shopping! ❣

    – XA

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