Pure Aloe Vera Spray


Our Aloe vera Spray contains two hormones: Auxin and gibberellins. These two hormones provide wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties that reduce scalp inflammation. Our Aloe vera spray comes in different flavors and contains an enzyme called proteolytic which repairs dead skin cells on the scalp and it promotes new healthy hair growth. It helps relieve many scalp problems, dandruff, cradle cap in infants and more. Whether you have oily or dry scalp this product can be used, as it helps reduce excessive oil production by the skin glands. It’s an all-in-one moisturizing experience and it can be used as a detangler, moisturizer, conditioner, for re-twisting of the locs, twist-outs and more. On a daily basis 1st detangle your hair with this product if needed and then style your hair with one of our hair butters of choice. Thank us later.

How to Use: 

Spray liberally on hair or scalp after wash, or during daily hair routine.



100% Pure Aloe Vera from Organic Aloe Plants


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