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African Hair Growth Oil (Neim)


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-Description: No its NOT NEEM OIL @ ALL! I know it’s spelled similar but it’s completely different. There is NO Information about this oil circulating on the internet. We will be the beginning of the information about this oil in the United States and on the internet. As many of you already know we are the plug meaning we do not source our ingredients from another supplier, we source directly from the mother land “Africa” and our harvesters swear up and down about this Neim oil also known as Malanga oil in their African Local Language of Pular which is a Fula language, not the Malanga edible tropical plant we use here in the states. They swear that it grows hair like no other and basically gave it to us just so we could get it to you. The Guineans said once the people get it and use it their hair will grow like never before. They haven’t failed us yet as far as the quality of ingredients imported and likely they will not fail us now. Help us build culture around this oil by sending us videos and pictures.

This oil contains a high composition of unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids such as cysteine, which provides sulfur to hair cells, improving strength, elasticity and hair texture; arginine which supports blood circulation around each singular hair follicle and lysine, a restorative amino acid that supports collagen on the scalp. This is a very expensive oil for 2 reasons: it only grows in West Africa also because it takes so many seeds to extract a little bit of oil.

-Origin: Guinea

-Language: Pular(Fula)

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2 reviews for African Hair Growth Oil (Neim)

  1. Ashmyers90 (verified owner)

    This hair growth oil is very light i sectioned my hair & applied to my scalp & ends this has been the best hair oil I used my ends no longer look dry my scalp no longer itches it also leave a nice shine to your hair without leaving the greasy feeling or look definitely will be reordering this product

  2. Irockpumps (verified owner)

    I have been using this product about for 3 months and have noticed a huge difference in length and health. Consistency is key. Definitely will be ordering more of this and other products.

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