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BigHead Premium Sweat Suit (Unisex)


Baby Butter

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This is somewhat similar to our butterodorant but is extremely high in anti-inflammatory properties, naturally. Unlike our Butterodorant this is more butterlike in comparison. We Specifically developed this product for under arm inflammation(HS). It is an all natural product that is Aluminum free, Sodium Hydrogen Carbonate free, preservative free and harmful chemical free. The Anti-bacterial activity of this product kills the odor-causing bacteria minimizing odor caused by excessive perspiration. This natural product is not an anti-perspirant because sweating is one of our main body’s functions to release toxins from our system. Where do these toxins go when they can’t be released? Have you even checked your ingredient label to see if your deodorant has aluminum in it? Have you ever questioned or wondered what aluminum absorption does to your human body? These questions are posed to make you do your own research so you can make healthier decisions when purchasing products for your human body.

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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 cm


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