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Loc-or-Curl Goop

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Lathering Body Mousse'


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If you watched the live video related to the development of this product then you already know about how it came about. This product is a byproduct of our Liquid Black Soap Body wash, incidentially we developed a luxurious desirable experience. This lathering yet creamy, light mousse will leave you feeling rejuvinated, refreshed and smooth. Some of the best things in the world were created by accident as you can see or seen if you were fortunate enough to watch it birthed via live video. Welcome to Daddybutter. 16oz jar.


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Locs behind the scenes dbtv

We receive so many inquires about whether our products work great for Locs or not??? This interlocking demonstration should be your answer and after you view this video head over to our website to make a purchase.