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Loc-or-Curl Goop


Jamaican Daily Duo!

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Herbal Loc Wash


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This one is for those with Loc’s (but also safe for those without)! A powerful combination of Herbs that are everything you’re looking for when it comes to your hair and scalp’s health. From promoting blood circulation to the scalp, preventing inflammation or irritation, naturally adding protein, strengthening damaged chemically treated hair, nourish and cleanse the scalp. Herbs are the way to go when cleansing your Locs and scalp and considering the amount of wash that could be used to completely saturate Loc’s we’ve included a spray nozzle so you can use the least when and get the most. 1st dampen the Loc’s and then spray then down with our herbal wash and let it lather away. Thank us later.


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Locs behind the scenes dbtv

We receive so many inquires about whether our products work great for Locs or not??? This interlocking demonstration should be your answer and after you view this video head over to our website to make a purchase.