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Moisturizing Moringa Detox Soap


Anti-aging intensive duo

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A Rose!


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Why’d we name this product A Rose?

We developed this beautiful beauty product with in mind to awaken: to wake up the minds of our supporters to always read the ingredients on their product labels and giving you understanding on what natural products actually look & smell like. To move upward: the market has been over saturated with harsh harmful chemicals in Black hair care products for far to long. Essentially you are ascending to a NEW quality of hair & skin care that actually cares when purchasing “A Rose” or any other Daddybutter product.  Finally a brand that you can trust has presented itself and all you have to do is support. We are everything you expect those other products to be and more.

-Q: What is this product considered to be?

-A: This product is considered to be an enhanced Rose water experience.

-Ingredients: Made of fresh Aloe Vera, Organic Roses and vegetable glycerin.

This combination will surely satisfy the need for hydration and refreshening of your crown. Mist to hair, scalp, face or body and gently massage it in. Arose! ~ It’s time to awaken and ascend…

-Skin: Naturally it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and astringent properties. Full of its own skin friendly oil naturally and vitamin C, which hydrate and replenish dull and dry skin. This is a very lightweight unisex solution perfect for every skin type with the ability to combat acne, redness and even tone the skin(Toner). This will restore the PH balance of your skin. Its also a cleanser and will remove oil & dirt from your skin by unclogging your pores.

-Hair: This product is a mild astringent which may help to reduce oiliness and dandruff. The natural fragrance of this product is very calming and is the perfect lightweight mist type of moisturizer that will NOT leave any build up so its perfect for every hair type especially those with Locks.

-This product is supporter influenced and personally tested by: Pauline Rosemary Jenkins(Facebook name) / Chrishina Scott(Real name). She is a firm supporter of the Daddybutter brand for years now and reached out to us originally about making her some custom Rose water and to us using water makes no sense particularly because of the shelf life and lack of benefits in comparison to Aloe Vera. She has been testing this product for the last 6 months and has seen results already. We love each and everyone that supports us and as you can see your opinion matters and we not only hear you when you speak about what you want but we bring it to life in the most natural way possible. We will develop “what you want” and continue to be consumer influenced. We are “the peoples brand” a brand for people who actually care about what’s actually in their product and about their overall health. Thank us later.

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Weight 18 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 8 cm

Sample, 16


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